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The public sector covers such a wide range of services. Are you involved within this industry? If so, you’ll probably be aware then of the importance of digital marketing.

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Just as with any other sector though, you need the help of someone with specialised knowledge in the area. Read though our sector report to see why we’re in the best position to build a personalised campaign for you. Not only have we spent years helping companies in the public sector enjoy first page search results, we’ve also developed an unrivalled understanding of the unique challenges you face and how to overcome them. As the digital world develops, we’ve perfected our talents within each area of online marketing so we can cleverly combine these to give your campaign the edge.

From content marketing and social media to paid search advertising, we know the best techniques to spark a reaction from your audience. When fused with state of the art technology, our intuition in the public sector becomes even more valuable, allowing you to overtake your competitors online.

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Public & Legal Sector Report
Trends, statistics and analysis of digital marketing within the public and legal sectors, analysing the performance of some of the industry’s top firms.

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Brunel University

A global name, Brunel University has been combining teaching and research excellence in Uxbridge, West London for more than 40 years. Founded in 1966, the modern campus with specialist research centres is home to nearly 15,000 students from over 100 countries across the world.

Having invested heavily in redeveloping the campus over the past few years, introducing new social, teaching and sports facilities, the management behind Brunel University were keen to attract more students.

In their aim to encourage more undergraduates to their university, they recognised that a number of potential students could be reached through the search engines. In order to improve their online presence.

They began searching for an SEO agency with the essential experience in the sector who could also offer innovative search solutions.

Brunel University Website
Visitors Rose by 18.6%
Compared to the same period the year before

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