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Where will your new leads come from if your site is no longer visible? If you’ve been hit by a penalty we can help restore your rankings.




Why Use Absolute?

Have You Been Hit By a Penalty?

Have your search positions recently tumbled from page one down to page ten without a word of warning? Your website traffic dropped off the radar?
If the answer is yes, the future of your online business could be under threat. A drop in rankings means a reduction in calls and enquiries and no company can exist successfully without these two things.

What is a Penalty?

Google is constantly refining its algorithms in order to provide a better user experience. Over the past few years a number of updates have been introduced to penalise “over optimised” sites in favour of a more natural approach to online marketing. The Google Penguin was one such update, first appearing in April 2012. It penalised sites that broke Google’s spam guidelines, building a high quantity of links purely to get better rankings.

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t tell you why your site has been penalised and it can be difficult to work out what it’s been hit by, making it difficult to treat if you don’t have the right expertise. That’s where we can help.

Absolute Methods

Audit / Investigation
The first stage of any good penalty recovery service is to undertake an in-depth backlink audit. Using our in-house expertise and resources, we create a thorough list of all the sites linking to you, cross checking data from a number of sources to leave no stone unturned. From this list we then identify those links that do not adhere to Google’s best practice guidelines and may be contributing to the penalty.

Link Removal
Before we can submit an official reconsideration request, we need to remove as many of these bad links as possible. We do this by contacting each individual webmaster, politely asking them to remove the offending link. Twice if we have to. We also make sure this is all documented as clearly and transparently as possible.

Content Marketing / Link Building
Once the penalty has been lifted, you will naturally want to build your site’s presence back up to its previous state. We can advise you on the best ways to do this ethically, acquiring strong links naturally through a content marketing campaign.

Having successfully completed penalty recoveries for a number of companies to date, we’re in the best position to help your business so please do not hesitate to call.

Absolute Case Studies

Team Colours

We're happy to report that our overall sales and conversions have improved considerably thanks to the work carried out by Google Penalty Lifted In under 3 months of being onboard.

This involved using various different software to compile a list of all their backlinks from which our technical specialists could manually search through and identify the “bad” links.


Smart Debit

Our Objectives were to get the company back to page one for important keywords such as “direct debit” and “direct debits” and set in place a strategy that would see long term results.

1st Page Positions were achieved within 4 months of being onboard and more impressively, the company occupies the second position on the first page for three of their keywords!


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