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International SEO

Planning to take on the world? Our international SEO specialists can increase the exposure of your website across the globe.




Why Use Absolute?

Our Approach to International SEO

Successful SEO relies upon a careful blend of different factors and getting your website to page one of Google is a challenge in itself, however effectively optimising it on an international scale is considerably more complex and introduces a brand new set of requirements.

Naturally, there are more obstacles to overcome, not least of all the language barrier. At Absolute Digital Media we partner with a number of the top localisation and translation companies to enable us to optimise sites for different languages and therefore get the best results for our clients.

Thanks to our experience running international SEO campaigns, we understand precisely what is needed to gain successful results. We are currently working with companies from across the globe as well as UK-based companies with offices around the world.

Our Creative Methods

Getting your website ranking highly internationally uses the same fundamental principles as domestic SEO. We take the knowledge and experience we have gained from our UK campaigns and apply the on-page and off-page work needed before expanding these campaigns for the worldwide stage.

Part of our success also lies in closely observing different search trends around the world and using these to shape our strategies. Our international campaigns start with thorough research and analysis into your industry worldwide as well as the performance of your competitors on this stage.

We also make use of specialist tools to give us the insight and analysis that puts your website ahead of the competition.

Absolute Methods

There are more factors which can influence the overall success of an international SEO campaign, which is why we take care to undertake a full analysis of your market before we begin. Our specialists are experienced in international search, taking into consideration your competitors and seeking creative ways to overtake them.

After discussing our strategy with you, we take advantage of the best tools and technology at our disposal to give your campaign the edge. Our adaptable approach allows us to stay ahead of algorithm updates and shifts in trend patterns.

As with our UK clients, the key to maintaining a successful SEO campaign is in measuring success and using this to define the direction we take next. This is especially important on an international stage which is why we place extra emphasis here.

To ensure that you are satisfied with the work carried out, we make a point of providing you with transparent reports into the work we’ve carried out and the results this has provided. We also encourage regular interaction with your dedicated account manager to ensure you are kept up to speed on your campaign.

Absolute Testimonials


It has been delightful to work with a company that clearly takes a great deal of pride in what they do and demonstrate a clear passion for both what they do and for delivering results for their clients’ campaigns.


It is refreshing to work with an agency that delivers results, communicates well and are at the top of their game! Absolute Digital Media receive my highest recommendation and I look forward to our continued work together.

Events international

The team are extremely competent and helpful, taking on suggestions and focusing on areas key to us. Suffice to say I am very pleased with the professionalism and the high standard of work carried out for us.

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