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Financial Services

Whether you deal with insurance, credit cards or investment, it isn’t enough just to have an unrivalled knowledge of your sector. Not anymore. Now you need to know the SEO world inside out too, but who has the time to learn that kind of information alongside the daily running their business? We’ve compiled a sector report to show you exactly how we could help a company like yours dominate the search engines.

Absolute Approach

Not only have we provided successful digital campaigns for companies within the financial sector. We’ve perfected our techniques within this area to ensure each client enjoys the benefits of a greater online exposure.

We understand the distinct challenges faced by your industry on the web and we’ve spent years testing and improving ways to overcome them.

From PPC to social media marketing and search engine optimisation, our real talent lies within creating a digital strategy customised to your exact needs.

We combine the best channels, support these with the latest technologies and draw upon the expertise of our entire team to help you achieve long lasting results.

Latest Sector Report


Financial Services Sector Report
A comprehensive overview of trends, statistics and user behaviour of digital marketing within the financial services sector.

Related Case Study

Those in council tax arrears are often particularly vulnerable, frequently with further debt problems to contend with. That’s why it is so important for us to be able to help as many people as possible. Increasing our organic search positions so considerably, Absolute Digital Media have had a significant impact on our overall business.

As well as directing higher levels of traffic to our website, I was also particularly impressed with the level of communication maintained at all times, as well as the quality of the content produced. I foresee a long lasting and successful relationship with the team at Absolute Digital Media and would happily recommend them.

Chris Richards, Managing Director

Council Tax Advisors

Council Tax Advisors CIC, a not-for-profit organisation offering free, confidential advice surrounding council tax arrears, approached us in April 2013. Still a relatively young company, they were keen to increase their organic search positions, as well their overall exposure online.

Upon approaching us they made it clear they were seeking long term success, and placed high value on regular contact, expecting frequent reports on the campaign’s progress.

Council Tax Advisors Website
944% Organic Traffic Increase
Whilst improving 500% of their search positions

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