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Case Studies

Our clients benefit from the work of our talented specialists whose skill, experience and insights pull together to form powerful and effective integrated campaigns, but don’t just take our word for it; take theirs.



Neopost is a leading global supplier of business communication solutions. They have been making businesses communications cheaper since 1924, with a range of mailing equipment and software to optimise customer data, multichannel communications and digital document processing.

Since Absolute took over our account we have seen impressive lead volume increases and CPL reductions. Absolute have been consistently pro-active and shown excellent expertise. They provide good insight, transparency and reporting so that we now understand better than ever before what is happening on the account and the broader market. Compared with the past, we have gone from an unsatisfactory business equation and highly variable performance to a reliable and stable delivery that meets our business needs. As a client it is re-assuring to know that the account is being managed as it should be. In short I have Absolute confidence.

PPC Campaign


The Brief

Neopost operate in a highly competitive market which has changed significantly of late, with 90% of their competition in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising now coming from price comparison sites, rather than traditional competitors. They approached us in 2016 looking for a way to make their PPC advertising more efficient, wanting to reduce their overall PPC spend whilst maintaining the volume of high quality leads via the site.

Neopost had previously suffered from low Quality Scores on their targeted keywords, resulting to high cost per lead. They wanted to us to reduce the cost-per-lead by at least 30%, minimising wastage on their PPC account

The Solution

We examined the historical data on the Neopost AdWords account, immediately recognising the opportunity to redress the way the account was set up and making immediate improvements by reducing the reliance on ‘broad match’ targeting.

We carried out extensive keyword research to challenge long-standing keyword targets that were no longer relevant. We produced segmented lists of highly targeted keyword phrases and rewrote all of Neopost’s PPC ads to incorporate these keywords, writing copy in keeping with Neopost’s industry guidelines.

We then set about optimising the landing pages for the ads, running A/B tests on both the ad copy and the landing pages we had chosen. This allowed us to refine and improve on Neopost’s text ads, making them more relevant to their landing pages and target keywords. This dramatically improved the Quality Score of Neopost’s keywords, with the maximum QS10 being achieved for most of their keywords.

We made adjustments for time of day, geographic location, audiences and, of course, bid values. By continuously analysing ad data, along with heatmap data from users on the site, we were able to further optimise the campaign, ensuring the highest possible return on their advertising spend.

We integrated both campaigns with Neopost’s CRM system to provide them with the opportunity to track each campaign throughout the entire sales acquisition process.

The Results

Over the last 12 months, the Adwords campaign has delivered exceptional results for Neopost. The cost per lead has reduced by a huge 78%, as well as saving 30% in the monthly ad spend. The reduction in cost per lead hugely outperformed the target set in the initial brief, of a CPL reduction of 30%. In addition, overall leads, which are mainly non-branded, have increased by 24%, with the conversion rate increasing by 172%, indicating that the campaign is delivering better qualified traffic which is more likely to convert.

With such impressive results achieved by the campaign so far, we look forward to growing the account for Neopost, to drive even further return on investment.

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The National Autistic Society
PPC campaign – Case Study

The National Autistic Society is the leading UK charity for autistic people and their families. They provide information and support while campaigning for a better world for autistic people.

Absolute Digital Media worked closely with us to improve the performance of our paid search ads. As a result we have seen a marked increase in donations and income from paid ads. Absolute were also key in helping us secure the $40,000 monthly Google AdWords Grant. The work they do, is exceptional and we will continue to work with them to deliver digital marketing campaigns that have a significant impact on our work as a charity. The additional revenue raised by these initiatives has enabled us to make a bigger impact as a charity. For example: Training extra Helpline Volunteers who have been able to support and additional 250 people over a 6 month period.

PPC Campaign


The Brief

The National Autistic Society approached us looking for a way to improve their online exposure. They needed a PPC campaign that could help them reach their target audience and generate more leads. They were also looking to secure the $40,000 a month Google grant that is awarded to non-profit organisations that use AdWords as a promotional tool.

The campaign included a number of objective. In particular the charity really wanting to get The National Autistic Society’s name out there and increase awareness and donation revenue for their cause. The goals included increasing traffic, click-through-rates and the amount of leads generated from the website. They also needed us to regularly analyse data and results so that the PPC campaign could continually improve. Finally, they required regular progress reports so that they could keep updated with the campaign at all times.

The Challenges

They needed a strategy that could really target the right audience. As The National Autistic Society is a charity, we had to be sensitive with the way we created text ads, being sure to use the correct language at all times.

In order to meet Google’s eligibility guidelines, for the $40,000 AdWords grant, we had to hit an ad spend of $9,900 at least twice within a six month period, without exceeding a maximum bid of $2 per ad. Additionally the ads were entirely text-based, without a hard selling message.

The Solution

Straight away we got to work optimising the AdWords account for The National Autistic Society and we came up with the creatives for the ads that would be running over the course of the campaign. In order for us to hit the $9,900 ad spend target for the Google grant without going over the $2 maximum bid, we had to significantly increase the volume of clicks they were seeing each month. This meant improving the quality score for each keyword by using better grouping and optimisation.

Then we took a close look at the landing pages across the entire website, auditing every one so that we could be sure that users were being sent through to the most ideal page. This involved a lot of consultation with The National Autistic Society so that the pages could be updated in a short space of time.

The next step was to design a series of unique ads for each group, being sure to vary them and run them against each other in A/B tests. Following our testing we optimised the ad copy, increased quality scores and ran the ads which consistently proved to be the most successful.

The Results

Clicks to the website more than doubled over the course of the campaign, while conversions increased by 15x compared to the year before. Cost per goal conversion was improved dramatically and despite the huge leap in traffic we still managed to keep the bounce rate around the same figure.

During the campaign we achieved the target of securing the Google grant, which meant that click-spend for The National Autistic Society could be increased to $40,000 a month.

Thanks to the success of the campaign revenues increased and directly impacted on the support the charity was able to offer. They also secured their position as autism experts across the country, receiving a large amount of requests to attend talks and events around the United Kingdom.

What we achieved:
Conversions rose by 15x compared to the year before
Click through rates doubled while cost per conversion improved significantly
We secured the $40,000 Google AdWords grant for non-profit organisations

Those in council tax arrears are often particularly vulnerable, frequently with further debt problems to contend with. That’s why it is so important for us to be able to help as many people as possible. Increasing our organic search positions so considerably, Absolute Digital Media have had a significant impact on our overall business.

As well as directing higher levels of traffic to our website, I was also particularly impressed with the level of communication maintained at all times, as well as the quality of the content produced. I foresee a long lasting and successful relationship with the team at Absolute Digital Media and would happily recommend them.

Chris Richards, Managing Director

Council Tax Advisors

Council Tax Advisors CIC, a not-for-profit organisation offering free, confidential advice surrounding council tax arrears, approached us in April 2013. Still a relatively young company, they were keen to increase their organic search positions, as well their overall exposure online.

Upon approaching us they made it clear they were seeking long term success, and placed high value on regular contact, expecting frequent reports on the campaign’s progress.

Council Tax Advisors Website
944% Organic Traffic Increase
Whilst improving 500% of their search positions

Absolute Approach

In light of recent algorithm changes, it was decided that a content marketing focused campaign would be the best way for Council Tax Advisors to secure long term search positions whilst keeping to Google’s best practice guidelines. It would also be the most effective way of educating their audience on their services.

As quite a sensitive business sector, assisting some particularly vulnerable people, there were naturally restrictions on what we could say, and so it was important to fully research the industry before the campaign commenced. Significant changes to laws regarding bailiffs then made this even more essential. It was clear we needed to highlight the changes and how this affected Council Tax Advisor’s obligations to the people they help.

Council Tax Advisors House

Serving the entire UK, Council Tax Advisors needed to expand their website to reflect this. Our content team produced unique pages targeting bailiff groups that operate in specific parts of the county. This methodology also helped to boost their organic positions as they were offering more useful content to those who needed to find out more.

Additionally, our copywriters were also researching and developing high quality blogs to update the site with fresh content, discussing industry and company news as well as sharing advice for those in council tax arrears.

To develop their brand online and increase their exposure, we also worked with the client to create regular press releases, distributing these through high quality news sites, as well as to journalists in relevant sectors and through social media.

Absolute Results

Council Tax Advisors were pleased to report that their number of organic search positions on page one to two of Google increased by 500% between April 2013 and November 2014.

This in turn led to a 944% increase in organic traffic during the same timeframe.

Understandably this has had a considerable effect on their overall business, enabling the company to expand and help more people.

Following this success, we have recently launched a comprehensive social media campaign for Council Tax Advisors and are continuously developing their content marketing options.

We’ve had a great start to our project with Absolute Digital Media. The team grasped our needs and wants very early and understood exactly what we hoped to achieve with our campaign. They also spent time getting to know our brand and our competitors allowing them to target our customers far better. We have been able to decrease our CPC by nearly 20% but still see an increase in clicks and a revenue increase of over 25%, so long may it continue!

Richard Hughes, Digital Marketing Manager


ITS approached us back in August 2014, enquiring into our PPC services, shortly before Google made the change from Product Listing Ads to Google Shopping compulsory. Having previously managed all their paid search advertising in-house, ITS were looking for assistance in making the transition and were keen to increase leads and sales whilst decreasing costs.

As one of the UK’s largest independent suppliers of professional power tools and hand tools, we needed to make sure we prioritised the most important product groups, whilst taking into account the fast approaching deadline and the company’s restricted budget.

ITS Website
Increased ROI by 57.75%
Whilst reducing cost per click by 19.73%

Absolute Approach

With ITS informing us that their previous Product Listing Ads provided them with a high proportion of all sales, it was clear we would need to adopt intelligent techniques in order to significantly improve this.

ITS Dewalt Tool

Before we began restructuring ITS’ AdWords account, our team carried out an in-depth analysis of their biggest competitors, as well as a full audit of their existing campaign. From our findings, we then created a brand new Shopping campaign, taking care to adhere to best practice guidelines along the way.

We also made regular contact with the client a priority to ensure we were always working to their objectives.

Approaching the account on a very granular level, we made sure to target product categories, brands and specific products.

In order to make sure their ads were showing for the most relevant queries, we also applied various bidding strategies, combined with location and ad scheduling targeting methods. This was instrumental in achieving the client’s objectives of increasing sales and decreasing costs.

In conjunction with ITS’ Shopping campaign, we also set up Dynamic Remarketing campaigns for the most relevant products, in order to help boost overall visibility and ROI.

Absolute Results

During the first three months of the campaign, when comparing to the previous three months, we were able to decrease cost per click by 19.73%, whilst increasing clicks by 2.7%.

During the same period, revenue from shopping campaigns increased by 26.75%, with ROI increasing by 57.75%.

We also saw an increase of 41.5% in assisted conversions, where the shopping campaign featured as part of a longer customer journey, in comparison to the Product Listing Ads.

In The Press





We are totally confident in Absolute Digital Media’s ability to deliver our digital marketing strategy. They are responsive, knowledgeable and thorough. They are an excellent team to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Paul Fegan, Operations Director


A global leader in PRINCE2 training, ILX Group provide PRINCE2 training courses suitable for organisations and individuals both in the UK and internationally as well as a full suite of best practice training courses in project, programme and service management.

Training more than 100,000 people for over 25 years the brand approached us in November 2013. Their conversions had dropped significantly the month before and they were interested in an integrated digital marketing campaign.

Focusing on a variety of marketing channels such as SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing our aim was to ensure the company maintained their positions at the top of page 1 of for their keywords as well as enabling them to rank highly for new “project management” focused search terms. We were also keen to increase the brand’s overall exposure on the web and educate people about them further.

Increasing conversions and leads were amongst the key objectives and it was agreed that we would redesign their website to incorporate a more attractive design and a clearer layout focused on user experience to help improve the conversion rate.

The channels we selected to achieve these objectives would work together to strengthen the potential of each individual area. Website
112% Increase in Leads
Whilst decreasing costs at the same time

Absolute Approach Training Courses

In order to boost the company’s natural positions, we began the campaign by focusing on an advanced content marketing strategy. This involved contributing regular blogs to the internal blog, offering advice and discussing topics of particular interest. Our copywriting team were also creating regular press releases and guest posts which were highly researched and focused on timely news stories or issues. This content was distributed through authoritative online news sites as well as relevant third party websites.

Simultaneously, our paid search specialists turned their attention towards ILX Group’s Google AdWords account. There were previous issues with conversion tracking where their Google Analytics account hadn’t been configured properly. After resolving this issue, our PPC team concentrated on creating ads and split testing these, targeting a number of courses across a variety of countries, drawing upon the talents of our multi-lingual pay per click experts in the process.

To complement both our paid and organic search campaigns, our social media department managed ILX Group’s social presence across Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin, using a variety of content including the promotion of discounts and giveaways as well as seminars, webinars and other events. We also concentrated on sharing content we had created, tips and advice and course information and benefits. All activity on social media was focused on sharing content most likely to initiate conversation between ILX Group and their audience, including asking readers questions about their own experiences and views on topical issues.

Whilst the same strategy was adopted across all social platforms, different techniques were used within each. For example, in Google Plus we focused on the use of images, whilst sharing links was used more frequently within Twitter. Content was unique across all networks to ensure that users who crossed over to other networks were always presented with something new.

Throughout the social media strategy, we worked very closely with ILX Group to ensure we were promoting events and discounts at the best possible times as well as fitting in seamlessly with their own marketing efforts and ventures.

As the campaign progresses we will then be working on their Facebook account, as well as redesigning profiles once the redesign and build of their website has been completed.

Absolute Results

Within less than 2 months, the work carried out by Absolute Digital Media allowed ILX Group to retain their first positions on page one for a high number of competitive keywords such as “PRINCE2 Qualification”, “PRINCE2 Course” and “PRINCE2 Training”.

We were also able to move them up to position one for a number of terms such as “project management training”, “business case template”, “project management courses online” and “project management qualifications.” Additionally the company also moved up to page 2 for terms like “project manager skills” for which they were not previously targeting at all.

By December 2014, ILX were pleased to announce they now occupied the first position on page one for the industry’s most competitive term- “PRINCE2″, as well as more than fifty other keywords.

When comparing the paid search advertising between December 2013, the first complete month of work, with December 2012, ILX Group were pleased to report to us a 112% increase in leads, whilst also decreasing costs at the same time. Conversion rates increased by 38% within the same time period.

Within two months our social media team were able to increase ILX Group’s Google Plus followers by 62% as well as increase Google +1s by over 50%. Twitter followers also rose from 1788 to 1900, and Linkedin folllowers from 1285 to 1306.


I’m really glad we made the switch to Absolute Digital Media. Within a relatively short space of time the team were able to double the amount of leads we received whilst halving the costs. Naturally this has had a profound effect on our ROI.

Peter Pryor, Manager

We Fix Now

We Fix Now is the capital’s one stop shop for emergency repairs. From plumbers to electricians to engineers, the company provides reliable and fully trained workers around the clock and operates within London and the surrounding counties.

We Fix Now approached us in May 2012, searching for a more cost-effective paid search strategy. The company was previously working with another online marketing agency on a cost per performance model, however they weren’t satisfied with the price of their leads.

Instead they looked to Absolute Digital Media to develop and create a Google AdWords account from scratch.

We Fix Now Website
Doubled The No. of Calls
Compared to the same period the year before

Absolute Approach

Our Objectives: increase the number of incoming calls through paid search advertising, prove that a cost per click model can perform better than a cost per performance advertising model and capture offline user’s activity and associate this with AdWords impressions

We Fix Now Tool

Reducing the client’s costs whilst also providing them with more leads was not going to be easy, but we set about achieving it via the following:

  • Set up call tracking software
  • Designed a comprehensive Google Adwords account structure
  • Created a number of geographical campaigns targeting all post codes and towns within the London area
  • Generated all possible variations of long tail keywords followed by area name
  • Created adverts with strong call to actions and high keywords relevance in order to maintain high Quality Scores
  • Use call tracking software to create single numbers in order to monitor visitors who make contact based on the advert alone.
  • On-going negative keyword monitoring enhanced by negative keyword lists
  • Implemented bid management strategy supplemented by CPA, average ad position and Google Analytics data
  • Continued expansion of keyword lists and additional services

Absolute Results

Thanks to the dedication of our Google AdWords experts, We Fix Now were happy to report that since we took over their campaign, their cost per lead has decreased by 50% whilst leads have doubled.

CPA reduced by 39% within the first month, after launching a new campaign and implementing Response Tap tracking.

After 3 years of managing and optimising the campaign we have achieved a conversion rate of over 29%, compared to the initial three months of the campaign where the conversion rate conversion rate was lower than 20%.

During the same timeframe, as well as an increase in direct leads, we have seen an increase in PPC as an assisted channel by 75.22%, demonstrating its increasing influence in the overall buying cycle.

During this period, the percentage of mobile visitors that converted increased by 133%. Mobile visitors are an important source of revenue to the emergency repairs industry, but as the number of mobile internet users is increasing anyway we chose to show the increase in conversions rather than the overall number of leads.- demonstrating a high quality of leads.

Finally, the number of people prompted to call from viewing a text ad alone has increased by a quarter (24.4%), and more than half of all calls last longer than 2 minutes, again demonstrating a high quality of leads.

Managing the digital marketing strategies across a number of high value brands whilst keeping investing stakeholders happy is never an easy job. Because of this the agencies I choose to work with and the relationship between me and those agencies have to be of the highest calibre.

Absolute Digital Media ticks all of those boxes. The whole team have been excellent in communicating their ideas and, most importantly, taking my ideas into consideration when developing link building strategies that increase the visibility of our brands online.

Since working with Absolute Digital Media, we have seen a very impressive increase in search rankings in a relatively short amount of time. The team focuses on constant communication with me and my colleagues, giving us a clear understanding of the hard work they are doing to help establish our brands as industry leaders. I would not hesitate to use Absolute Digital Media again in the future and expect a long lasting business relationship with the team working at the agency.

Daniel Solomou, Digital Marketing Manager

Super Casino

Both Super Casino and Jackpot 247 are owned and operated by Alderny-based Netplay TV Group Ltd. Sponsoring Channel Five’s Big Brother, Super Casino is the longest running and most popular online TV casino in the world and both brands are well known for their live roulette games broadcast on ITV and Sky.

Providing an authentic casino experience online, the management were keen to enlist our help to make their online presence as strong as their offline presence.

When Super Casino approached us in July they didn’t rank within the top one hundred search positions for the majority of their keywords. Their objectives were clear; they wanted first page search results to help them compete directly with the biggest names in the industry.

Super Casino Website
Top of Page 1 of Google
in less than 3 months

Absolute Approach

Our Objectives: Increase search positions, benefit from a greater overall online presence, receive clear and frequent reports on the progress.

Online Gambling

Because Super Casino were in such a notoriously competitive industry with its own rules and restrictions when it comes to marketing, our campaigns needed to be innovative and effective.

We also needed to take into consideration the impact of recent algorithm updates. Penguin refreshes and the introduction of the Hummingbird algorithm had led to an increasing need for a natural approach to SEO, which is why we focused on a diverse content marketing strategy.

Our copywriting teams concentrated on creating well written and engaging press release material about current industry related topics which were distributed to a large number of online new sites as well as search engines and journalists for maximum exposure.

We also produced and distributed highly researched blogs through relevant and authoritative third party sites, to strengthen the company’s search positions as well as build upon their overall exposure online.

Absolute Results

In less than 3 months, Super Casino were pleased to report they now sit on page 1 of Google’s search results for nearly all their USP keywords including “live roulette”, “live casino”, “live blackjack”, “live roulette”, “live dealer”, “live casino games”. They are also on page 2 already for the industry’s most competitive term, “online casino”, up from page 12.

After 6 months they were also ranking for terms they had never previously targeted, significantly increasing the budget along the way by 15% month on month. Within 6 months, SuperCasino were pleased to report that non-branded organic traffic increased by 266%, with new visits increasing by 400% during the same time frame, an integral part of expanding their business.

Goal conversions also increased by 82.08% during the same time frame.

Managing the digital marketing strategies across a number of high value brands whilst keeping investing stakeholders happy is never an easy job. Because of this the agencies I choose to work with and the relationship between me and those agencies have to be of the highest calibre.

Absolute Digital Media ticks all of those boxes. The whole team have been excellent in communicating their ideas and, most importantly, taking my ideas into consideration when developing link building strategies that increase the visibility of our brands online.

Since working with Absolute Digital Media, we have seen a very impressive increase in search rankings in a relatively short amount of time. The team focuses on constant communication with me and my colleagues, giving us a clear understanding of the hard work they are doing to help establish our brands as industry leaders. I would not hesitate to use Absolute Digital Media again in the future and expect a long lasting business relationship with the team working at the agency.

Daniel Solomou, Digital Marketing Manager

Jackpot 24/7

Owned and operated by Netplay TV Group Ltd, Jackpot247 designs, creates and operates live roulette games broadcast on ITV and Sky, using casino certified equipment. Also providing live roulette games, black jack, poker, arcade games and slots available to play online and on mobile, the brand are best known for providing an authentic casino experience to the home.

Jackpot247 approached us in July looking for first page search positions as well as a greater overall exposure online. At the time they didn’t rank within the top one hundred search positions for the majority of their keywords but they were keen to compete against the biggest names in online gambling.

As well as dramatically increasing their search positions, Jackpot247 required us to boost their overall online presence and report back regularly on the progress of the campaign.

Jackpot 24/7 Website
Moved up to page 1 of Google
Within just 3 months

Absolute Approach

In order to form an effective campaign, it was important that we considered the impact of outside influences. As well as the level of competition within the industry, we needed to think about recent changes within Google’s algorithms. Therefore to ensure the long term success of the project we made the decision to focus heavily on content marketing.

As such a large corporate brand, it was also important that our digital marketing strategy was in line with Jackpot247’s existing marketing efforts and to complement these as far as possible. All the work we carried out also needed to be in compliance with the company’s own strict guidelines.

Therefore all content produced on Jackpot247’s behalf was discussed and reviewed before being distributed. This helped us to educate their readers on the brand’s core values.

Jackpot 24/7 Win

Our copywriting teams began by creating highly researched and timely press releases and articles about the latest industry related topics. Carefully written and engaging, these pieces were designed to spur a reaction from their target audience. This content was then distributed to a high number of online news sites, as well as being hosted within the company’s own newsroom online.

Keen to take a creative approach to content marketing, our web design and copywriting teams joined forces to produce infographics and editorials around particular themes. Attractive and interesting, these were filled with stats and facts about the industry and distributed through authoritative and relevant third party websites such as Attitude.

Absolute Results

Within just 3 months, Jackpot247 had moved up to page 1 of Google for the keyword “live roulette” and “online casino games” with high positions on page 2 for other competitive keywords too such as “live casino” “casino gaming” “roulette games” and “roulette online”.

We also noted an improvement in the performance of keywords which were not specifically being targeted, thanks to the quantity and quality of content being created and distributed.

Non-branded organic traffic increased by 179%, with average visit duration increasing by 57%, thanks to the high quality of traffic being delivered to the site. They have also witnessed an increase in conversions of 74%.

I’m really happy with the way my social media profiles are looking. Absolute Digital Media have managed to get people interacting and engaging with my brand regularly, and have increased my Facebook followers by over 70%. I’m also pleased to report that we receive a high number of referrals through Facebook each month.

Grant Collinson, Director

Pierre Lemond

Pierre Lemond Photography is one of the country’s favourite makeover and photography studios. Established in 2008, the brand boasts an extensive client portfolio, including many high-profile customers from entertainment, television, sport and business.

Specialising in stunning portfolios and keepsake images, the creative professionals at Pierre Lemond are among the best in the industry. With this in mind, it was clear they needed a social media campaign to match.

Pierre Lemond Website
70% Increase in Facebook Fans
and 650 Google plus ones acquired

Absolute Approach

Our Objectives: Manage and improve existing Facebook and Twitter profiles, boosting fans and followers, create and manage a new Google Plus profile, interact with and build relationships with existing and potential clients through these networks and gain referrals through social media sites.

Pierre Lemond Photography

The fashion and beauty photography sector is one that naturally lends itself well to social media and our experts were keen to take advantage of this. From the beginning, the focus was on sharing a mixture of branded and non-branded content that would spark interest within Pierre Lemond’s audience.

Posting photos of creative hair styles, make up and nail designs, the team paid attention to seasonal trends and particular occasions such as Hallowe’en. They also shared tips and tutorials, inviting users to share their own advice with other readers.

Our social media specialists also concentrated on company news and information such as details on packages, as well as promoting new bookings and Groupon offers. Before and after shots of Pierre Lemond’s customers were also very popular and, keen to take advantage of as many different types of media as possible, the team also kept users interested with reviews and videos.

With every piece of content shared, the focus was on identifying which techniques performed best and using this to shape the direction of the strategy to continue providing the best results.

Absolute Results

Creating a new Google Plus profile, we were pleased to have acquired 650 Plus Ones in little over two months. During the same timeframe, we also managed to increase Pierre Lemond’s Facebook Fans by almost 70%.

This was partly thanks to the quality of content posted, with the average weekly reach per post increasing by 461%. Whilst the three best performing posts in June (the last active month on Facebook before Absolute Digital Media began work) achieved an average of 3 likes, the 3 best performing posts in October achieved an average of 45 likes.

Additionally, Pierre Lemond were also pleased to report that they have gained an average of approximately 250 referrals from Facebook since August, with Absolute Digital Media also responsible for directing nearly 600 people to their Groupon page.

Absolute Digital Media have had a positive impact on our search and paid campaigns. We are seeing our target keywords rise within projections whilst our paid clickthrough rate has increased significantly since we started working with them.

Their proactive nature in calling us with suggestions, ideas and solutions has ensured that our working relationship remains on top – something which sets them apart from the competition.

Adam Church-Millward, Digital Marketing Manager

Sienna X

Founded in 2008, Sienna X is the number one supplier of sunless tanning products to salons and mobile therapists in the UK. The award winning company specialise in expertly crafted sunless tanning products for every need. Renowned for their high profile event collaborations, it was important for the brand to maintain a high level of exposure online.

Sienna X approached us towards the end of June, seeking ROI driven marketing results.

One thing they were keen to convey to us was that they were seeking a company that were transparent and honest in their services.

Sienna X Website
57% Increase in Organic Traffic
Average visit duration rose by 26%

Absolute Approach

Our Objectives: Increase organic traffic flow, improve search positions for chosen keywords, benefit from a greater overall online presence, receive clear and frequent reports on the progress of the campaign and increase sales and improve the ROI of their paid search campaign.

Sienna X Tanning Product

As with all our clients, our priority lies within keeping up to date with the latest industry trends and developments, including algorithm updates and changes. With this in mind our technical teams began by making sure that Sienna X’s website was compliant with Google best practice guidelines, with our copywriting team researching and creating informative website copy to help improve the website’s ranking as well as engage visitors.

Building on the company’s existing campaign, our focus was on premium domain authority linking, creating an outreach programme using trusted and relevant third party sites. As well as helping us to improve the search positions of Sienna X’s chosen keywords, this would enable us to build upon their overall exposure on the web.

Our Google AdWords Qualified professionals have also begun managing Sienna X’s Google AdWords Account, researching and analysing the previous campaign’s performance and rebuilding based on the results. Our PPC experts are currently split testing ads and landing pages and are already seeing some impressive results.

We have regularly provided, and continue to provide, clear and detailed reports across all parts of the campaign.

Absolute Results

Sienna X are pleased to report that they sit on page 1 of Google’s search results for a number of profitable keywords. Having moved up a significant amount of positions within just 4 months, the website now sits within the top 5 positions on page 1 for key search terms such as Spray Tan Kits, Spray Tan Courses, Spray Tan Training, Fake Tan Products, Fake Tan UK, Best Spray Tan Solutions, Fake Tan Suppliers and Spray Tan.

We also noted an improvement in the performance of keywords which were not specifically being targeted, thanks to the quantity and quality of content being created and distributed.

We were able to increase organic traffic from non-branded keywords by 57%, as well as increase the average visit duration by 26%, thanks to the high quality of traffic being delivered to the site.

In addition, sales from their Google Adwords increased by 75% whilst the cost per click decreased by 34%.

Wetsuit Centre

Back in the December of 2013, following a significant drop in their organic search traffic, water sports resellers, Wetsuit Centre, reached out to us regarding their problem. Located in the seaside town of Bournemouth in Dorset, the company had benefited from local business but wanted to expand their business by building their web presence. Unfortunately the work undertaken by their initial SEO company landed them a full site wide penalty resulting in a substantial loss of organic traffic and a complete loss of SERPs.

Whilst the business didn’t solely rely on internet sales for profits, the reduction in business made the Wetsuit Centre management team eager to find a solution for their problem and recuperate their previous page rank. With this in mind they contacted us detailing their problem and their desire to build up their positions naturally moving forward.

Wetsuit Centre Website
Regained Page 1 Positions
After successfully removing their Google penalty.

Absolute Approach

As a digital media company we have come across many businesses that have suffered at the hands of what is known as ‘black-hat SEO’. With tried and trusted methods used to successfully help previous clients out of similar positions, we agreed to assist the Wetsuit Centre in regaining their rankings naturally.


Whilst it would have been possible to remove all of Wetsuit Centre’s links, therefore automatically lifting their penalty, extensive work would have been required in the future to build their positions back up, leaving them without any traffic to their website for a considerable amount of time. That’s why we took the decision at this stage to carefully remove only the harmful links, taking time to protect the positive links and ensure the company retained some positions and therefore an adequate flow of traffic to their website.

Following an initial link audit we were able to compile a list of backlinks using a variety of specialist software. Our team were then able to manually identify links that we deemed to have caused the penalty based on advice drafted by Google’s best practice guidelines.

Once we had located the source of the negative links, our team set to work on approaching webmasters individually and requesting for said links to be removed.

A key part of our process was to provide transparent information on all the work we were undertaking for our client, and as such we shared information on the work completed via Google’s shared drive. We completed the process by filing a disavow to Google, which allowed the search engine to observe our intent to rectify the problems that caused the penalty. This was completed in accordance with Google’s guidelines.

Absolute Results

Once we had completed our work the penalty was soon removed and the company regained their page one positions for the majority of their key search terms. In switching to a long-term natural strategy the positions for the most competitive terms such as “wet suits” are, as expected, lower than the artificial positions previously held due to the quantity of links removed. For other more longtail phrases, the company still has a number of their first page search positions. These will naturally increase as the next phase of our work gets underway.

Now that Wetsuit Centre’s campaign is back on the straight and narrow, our team here at Absolute Digital Media are helping to continue building their web presence so that they can enjoy natural first page search positions. We are helping to build this presence through a tailor made content strategy which includes the regular distribution of press releases and blogs relating to key industry news and information.

Team Colours

Specialist bespoke sports and leisure wear manufacturer, Team Colours, approached us at the start of April 2014. The Hertfordshire based company had previously enjoyed first page search positions for their keywords, however following work undertaken by a previous SEO company, their website incurred a Google penalty, resulting in them losing all of their SERPs. The firm no longer even ranked for their domain name.

As a business based solely online, the management at Team Colours were understandably keen to find a resolution quickly and recuperate their strong positions and outlined to us that once they had recovered from their penalty they wanted to build up their positions naturally with long term results in mind.

Team Colours Website
Google Penalty Lifted
In under 3 months of being onboard

Absolute Approach

Sports Kit

Having successfully helped previous clients recover from Google penalties, the team at Absolute Digital Media agreed to proceed with their tried and trusted method.

The first course of action was to conduct a thorough link audit. This involved using various different software to compile a list of all their backlinks from which our technical specialists could manually search through and identify the “bad” links; those that go against Google best practice guidelines and therefore may have contributed to the penalty.

Our teams then approached each individual webmaster, asking for the offending links to be removed. In order to remain completely transparent during the process we shared all the work undertaken using Google’s shared drive, to allow us to provide clear unambiguous reporting throughout. Processing the disavow file correctly is imperative to show Google real intent towards resolving the issues which have occurred and we managed and processed this in line with Google’s guidelines.

Absolute Results

Team Colours were pleased to announce on Monday 23rd June that their penalty had been lifted and the company now occupy first page positions for their key search terms. Naturally due to the volume of links which have been removed, these positions are however lower than those previously held.

The next stage in our campaign with Team Colours therefore is to build up high quality natural links gradually through a content marketing campaign which includes the regular creation and distribution of press releases, blogs and articles around company news and industry talking points.


NCP are of course the UK’s best known car park operator. Founded in 1931, the company has over 600 car parks nationwide and processes approximately 80 million customer transactions every year.

NCP came to us in the summer for SEO. Impressed with the results we provided for them across an extensive range of sites, they asked us about running a PPC campaign simultaneously. We explained the benefits of this approach and compiled a strategy.

NCP had some difficult challenges to overcome:

  • Some of the campaigns were targeting “All devices”
  • Some of the campaigns were targeting both display and search networks
  • Poor list of negative keywords
  • Extensive use of unmodified broad match targeting
  • Ad group overlapping and keyword duplication
NCP Website
Ranking In Top 3 Positions
On 75% of their targeted keywords

Absolute Approach

Our Objectives: maximise the performance of their PPC programme and increase ROI for Google AdWords advertising spend

NCP Parking Sign
  • Re-structure their entire Google AdWords account
  • Create separate campaigns for tablets, mobiles and line devices
  • Optimise campaign settings
  • Group relevant keywords into themed ad groups;
  • Optimise ad copy using strong call to actions;
  • Continue text ad A/B testing;
  • Review search query data and identified irrelevant keywords and moved them into the re-usable negative keyword lists;
  • Optimise the use of keyword matching methods
  • Implement a bid management strategy
  • Develop an extensive strategy for Display network campaigns

Organic Search

When it came to organic search, NCP had two clear objectives:

  • Increase keyword position in Google organic search
  • Increase organic traffic to the selected airport parking pages

To achieve this, we increased the company’s online outreach and through content marketing were able to build a number of strong natural and authoritative links. Regular press releases helped raised their profile further within the search engines.

Absolute Results

As a result of the work carried out, 75% of all NCP’s targeted keywords are now ranking within the top three positions on the first page of Google’s search results. Their organic traffic also increased by 49% compared to the same 8 month period the year before.

The paid search campaign was just as successful, with 95% of all keywords achieving a maximum Quality Score of 10. Over 3 months the average CPC was reduced by 16% at the same time lowering the total AdWords costs by 18% and increasing visitors by 3%. What’s more, the Conversion rate increased by 238%, whilst the ROI was increased by 22%.

Montrose Glass

Montrose Glass, specialists in domestic and commercial glazing, approached us in January 2014, searching for a more cost-effective paid search campaign. The company were previously handling their AdWords account in-house, but tracking had not been configured.

Cost per lead was too high so the team looked to us help them set a maximum cost per lead, whilst still delivering a high volume of leads.

Montrose Glass Website
35% Increase in Overall Leads
Conversions from mobiles increased by 20%

Absolute Approach

In order to bring down costs whilst still improving the quality and quantity of leads, we realised that the most effective approach would be to design and build a new website with conversion rate optimisation in mind, ensuring that contact forms and phone numbers were displayed more prominently.

Broken Window

Another of our priorities was to use call tracking software from Response Tap to measure all calls. This data would be pivotal to optimising the existing campaign.

Our PPC specialists took a very granular approach to Montrose Glass’s AdWords account, making sure to target each specific area, creating unique landing pages for every postcode.

The call tracking software then provided us with the valuable data we needed to adjust bids, search for keywords, identify negative keywords and split test ads for each of these campaigns. This also enabled us to identify the most valuable calls- those which lasted longer than a minute.

The call tracking software also allowed us to establish times during the day and week which typically received the highest numbers of enquiries, enabling us to adjust our bids accordingly, and thus helping to improve the quality of the calls as well as bring down the cost per lead.

Using call extensions in the ads was also an important step in making this campaign success, especially as a high volume of business is generated from emergency repairs, with most consumers looking to make the call as soon as possible.

The client also wanted to separate emergency and non-emergency services, so throughout our work we attributed separate budgets.

Absolute Results

Within just two months, we were able to meet the client’s objectives and achieve their desired cost per lead – maintaining this ever since.

The conversion rate from people calling directly from viewing the text ads increased by 25% since we began work on the campaign, and importantly, conversions from mobile users increased by 20%.

During Montrose Glass’s peak season, overall leads were increased by 35%.

Future Plans

As the campaign progresses, we are keen to optimise the campaign further, using features such as AdWords script which is weather and time sensitive. This will allow us to connect with external forecasts and adjust our bids accordingly.

We also have plans in place to create Bing ads too, to increase the overall reach of their paid search campaign.

Further to this, the client has now also come on board for SEO, and we will be using the information gathered from our PPC campaign to shape this strategy.

Luggage Superstore – Case Study
Email campaign • Affiliate campaign

Since Absolute Digital Media started to manage our email and affiliate marketing we’ve seen nothing but positive results. They are constantly coming up with creative ideas to grow the campaign and they keep us in the loop with everything that they do, always being sure to provide exceptional customer service. Our open rates and conversions are higher than ever, and I highly recommend Absolute to anyone.

Luggage Superstore

Luggage Superstore is one of the UK’s largest wholesalers of branded luggage and suitcases. Their brand is aimed at consumers looking for premium luggage at highly competitive prices.

The Channel:

This was a multi-channel campaign. Please choose a campaign below for more information.







Affiliate Marketing Campaign


The Brief

We were approached by Luggage Superstore who were looking to boost their online sales through affiliate marketing.

Our goal was to create an online portfolio of reputable affiliate partners over the course of a year, through which we would drive potential customers to the client’s site.

The Challenges

We took on this campaign in November 2014 as the client’s first venture into affiliate marketing. We were tasked with creating a brand new affiliate portfolio which we would manage and grow over the course of the campaign.

To achieve this we needed to find a range of reputable affiliate partners we could work with, who not only had impressive site metrics but would fit with our client’s brand image. We also had to ensure that our affiliate partners would take a low level of commission on any sales generated in order to maximise profits for our client.

The Solution

In order to achieve the campaign goals we partnered with Affiliate Future, a platform we could use to identify and target a range of reputable affiliate sites with high quality site metrics. We surveyed each prospective affiliate site for metrics such as traffic volume, domain authority and trust flow. This ensured that we were working with the best possible affiliate sites to drive revenue to the client’s site.

We then negotiated commission rates with our prospective affiliate partners. We worked with closely with Affiliate Future to discover new opportunities for affiliate partners who would take between 10% and 12% commission. In return for higher commission, the most authoritative sites would provide multiple ad banners, displaying the client’s promotions which were running as part of the sister email and PPC marketing campaigns. This ensured the highest possible return on investment for our client. Over the course of the year we expanded the portfolio to include bigger and more reputable sites, further driving traffic to our client’s site, increasing sales revenue in the process.

The Results

Since taking on this project in late 2014 we have built and managed an impressive affiliate portfolio. We have added several sites to the portfolio every month, and now have more than 50 affiliate partners that we work with, including QuidCo, Top Cashback and Virgin Atlantic. Despite being a new venture for the client, affiliate marketing channel now accounts for 17% of the client’s monthly revenue.

Over the last 5 months we have seen particularly impressive sales figures, with a 22.71% on sales figures from the 5 months previous. During this time we achieved an average month-on-month sales increase of 36.43%. We also receive between 5 and 10 new applications from affiliate sites every month looking to join our portfolio, from which we hand select the sites with the best metrics. By working closely with Affiliate Future and our affiliate partners, we now have a conversion rate which is double the average seen on Affiliate Future, at an impressive 8.10%.

The results that we have provided for Luggage Superstore go well above and beyond the initial goals set out by the client. We are incredibly proud of the results we have achieved over the last 12 months, and are looking forward to growing this portfolio further in the future.

What we achieved:
We built a marketing channel which now accounts for 17% of the client’s monthly revenue.
We increased affiliate sales revenue by 22.71% over the last 5 months.
We achieved an average month-on-month sales increase of 36.43%.
PPC Campaign


The Brief

We were approached by Luggage Superstore who were looking to boost their online sales through PPC (pay per click) marketing.

Our goal was to create a PPC campaign for Luggage Superstore which would tie into an entirely new Google Shopping campaign. The client was looking for a ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) of at least 1000% – a figure which would in turn have a significant and direct impact on their sales revenue.


The Challenges

We took on this campaign in August 2015 after the client had been using Google Shopping and PPC with a separate agency. At this point the client’s ROAS was at 400% and the revenue generated through this channel was extremely low.

We were tasked with auditing the client’s historical PPC data, as a background to a new PPC shopping campaign which would more than double the client’s ROAS. At the same time we had to set up an enhanced Google Analytics tracking channel which would ensure that we were collecting and analysing the best possible data over the course of the campaign.

The Solution

In order to achieve the campaign goals, we conducted a full audit of the client’s historical PPC data. We then set up Luggage Superstore’s new Shopping campaigns for their target keywords, along with an enhanced Google Analytics tracking platform which ensured we could collect and analyse the most accurate data possible. We also set up Google Dynamic Remarketing and Gmail Sponsored Promotions to ensure that Luggage Superstore was getting the highest possible visibility for their advertising spend.

We analysed Luggage Superstore’s target keywords to set up a series of A/B tests. We tested the keywords against each other to see which ones achieved the highest conversion rates, tailoring our campaign strategy based on the results we saw.

The Results

Since taking on this project in late 2015, we have seen a significant growth in both the ROAS and revenue generated for the client through PPC and Google Shopping. The A/B testing we carried out allowed the client’s campaign to quickly adapt to the results we were seeing, leading to a 71% improvement in conversion rate over the course of 5 months. The client’s ROAS has also doubled for all non-branded keywords, with the ROAS on their shopping channel more than tripling to 1200% by February 2016, up from just 400%.

This far exceeds our initial goal of 1000% and in turn has helped the client see a 752% increase in revenue generated over the PPC channel in just 5 months. We are incredibly proud of the results we have already achieved this early in the campaign, and we are looking forward to our continued work with the Luggage Superstore in the future.

What we achieved:
We have achieved a 752% increase in PPC sales revenue.
We have increased Luggage Superstore’s PPC conversion rate by 71%.
We have more than tripled the ROAS on the client’s Google Shopping Channel, reaching 1200% in just 5 months.


A global leader in PRINCE2 training, ILX Group provide project management courses suitable for individuals and organisations throughout the UK and internationally. As well as SEO, PPC and website design and build they were interested in our social media services.

Rather than simply increasing their number of followers, likes or shares, ILX Group’s key objective for their social media marketing was to drive traffic to their website.

With the SEO campaign taking a content marketing focus, it would be key that our social media and content strategies worked closely together. Website
Facebook views rose by 134.5%
Whilst Twitter sessions increased by 162.4%

Absolute Approach Training Courses

With the objective of driving traffic to the site, it was clear that our social media marketing needed to focus on sharing onsite content, rather than content from external sources. As a result, our content and social teams worked closely together to discuss ideas for articles and blogs which would not only engage regular visitors to the website, but spark the interest of social media users, in turn driving new traffic to the site.

Another step crucial in directing social traffic to the website, was promoting special offers on PRINCE2 training courses. Eye catching banners naturally also improved the conversion rates of our posts.

As well as sharing content and offers from the site, our social media team balanced this with announcements of industry news, to keep their social audience interested and engaged in the long term.

Absolute Results

When reporting on social traffic referrals, we decided to compare the period from 1st July to 31st October with the same dates the year before. This covers their slowest period over the summer, as well as when business starts to pick up in September and October and therefore gives a good overall representation.

During this timeframe, we were pleased to report that the number of sessions from Facebook increased by 183.7%, whilst the number of page views increased by 134.5%.

On twitter, the number of sessions increased by 162.4%, whilst page views increased by 157.5%.

On LinkedIn, the number of sessions increased by 23.3%, whilst page views were up by 14.9%.

As the social campaign with ILX Group progresses, we plan to turn our attention towards Google Plus as well, increasing their presence within this network.

Events International
SEO campaign – Case Study

Events international is a market leader in providing premium VIP corporate hospitality packages with official status at Twickenham, Ascot, and many other world-class venues. They have more than 30 years of experience providing official hospitality services at major sporting events across the world.

After redeveloping our website it quickly became clear that to be competitive in the market we would require an experienced SEO campaign to optimise and improve our search rankings. After initial conversations with Matt Wood I was convinced we had found the correct team and began a 6 month trial, needless to say we have now extended our contract. The team are extremely competent and helpful, taking on suggestions and focusing on areas key to us. Our account manager Olivia is always on hand and provides detailed analysis of the campaign showing areas of improvement. Suffice to say I am very pleased with the professionalism and the high standard of work carried out for us.

SEO Campaign


The Brief

Events International approached us looking for ways to increase their organic traffic and online visibility. They had a newly designed site which needed to work harder, in order to generate more leads for the business.

Initial review of the site showed that whilst the site had some Page 1/Page 2 rankings, it lacked exposure for the most important keywords on For example it ranked outside of the top 100 sites, for the crucial keyword target ‘corporate hospitality’.

The Solution

Initially undertaking an audit of the website, we discovered a number of important issues that were holding the site back. One critical issue related to the duplication of content on the site – this was resolved as a matter of priority.

The site lacked keyword optimisation in the page content, so we worked closely with the client to create a wide range of keyword targets that would bring the right type of traffic to the site. Our team of in-house copywriters then worked their way through the site’s pages, providing unique, SEO optimised content with correctly formatted Meta titles and Meta descriptions.

In order to improve the backlink structure of the site, we reached out to a series of highly authoritative, relevant industry websites. We wrote unique and engaging articles for these sites which linked back to, and increased the authority of, Events International’s new site. At the same time we provided ongoing technical support, helping the site recover during an unnamed Google core algorithm update.

The Results

We have seen steady improvements across all of Events International’s keyword targets over the 6 months since the campaign began, which has resulted in a 47% increase in organic traffic compared with the same period in the previous year.

So far we have doubled the number of Page 1 positions that Events International holds on These page one rankings include highly competitive keywords such as ‘corporate hospitality’ and ‘Ascot hospitality’, both of which ranked outside of the top 100 before the campaign began.

Another example of success is for the keyword ‘rugby hospitality’, which, having previously ranked on Page 2 now ranks in the top 3 on The SEO campaign has produced significant results in just a few months and we look forward to helping Events International to continue increasing the value of their website to their business, generating high quality new business leads.

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Outreach campaign – Case Study

Ladbrokes International PLC, a FTSE 250 company, is well known as the UK’s biggest bookmaker. They approached us in June 2015 to implement a creative outreach campaign that delivered ranking improvements for their organic search positions.

It has been delightful to work with a company that clearly takes a great deal of pride in what they do and demonstrate a clear passion for both what they do and for delivering results for their clients’ campaigns.

If you are looking for an agency that will go the extra mile and feel like an extension of your existing team, then I would always recommend Absolute Digital Media.

Outreach Campaign


The Brief

Having seen our previous success in online casino outreach campaigns, Ladbrokes was keen to work with us to implement a highly creative, targeted outreach campaign that would provide sustainable ranking increases for some extremely competitive keyword phrases.

Despite Ladbrokes being a household name in the gambling/casino industry, they had surprisingly weak positions for their main keyword targets, often appearing low down on Page 2 of The desire, understandably, was to gain strong Page 1 positions for their most important keyword targets.

The Solution

An ‘SEO-effectiveness’ review of the Ladbrokes site enabled us to suggest a number of recommendations to further optimise Ladbrokes high revenue-generating pages.

We devised a series of highly creative concepts aimed at Ladbrokes’ target audience, keeping in tune with Ladbrokes own emphasis on creativity. We worked closely with Ladbrokes own staff to ensure that these concepts met their established tone and branding, while also meeting the industry’s stringent compliance standards.

We produced a series of highly varied pieces of content, including infographics, quizzes, animated videos and interactive slot machine builds. These were produced in-house and optimised towards Ladbrokes keyword targets, linking through to their now-optimised revenue-generating pages.

These unique and engaging creative pieces were distributed to a selection of relevant, highly authoritative industry websites, creating authoritative backlinks, passing power directly into the Casino-specific pages on the Ladbrokes site.

The Results

We are delighted to report significant improvements across all of Ladbrokes keyword targets over the course of the campaign. One of the critical targets was the term ‘online casino’, which is the most competitive phrase in the industry. Previously languishing on page two, the Ladbrokes site now ranks in the Top Three positons on We have seen similar success for keywords such as ‘online roulette’ and ‘online slot machines’.

Our SEO campaign helped Ladbrokes to achieve over 150 Page 1 positions on, which has resulted in a 238% increase in click-through to the site.

We look forward to growing our campaign for Ladbrokes to drive even further return on investment.

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SEO campaign – Case Study

As a provider of short term loans, Peachy prides itself on responsible lending. Following a period of intense industry scrutiny, Peachy ensures that it only works with customers who can afford the repayments, offering high levels of flexibility in how these repayments are made. Peachy is a secure lender which is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

It was clear that our campaign was handled by experts who are passionate about what they do and really did have our best interests at heart. It is refreshing to work with an agency that delivers results, communicates well and are at the top of their game! Absolute Digital Media receive my highest recommendation and I look forward to our continued work together.

SEO Campaign


The Brief

Peachy approached us in 2014, looking for ways to increase their organic traffic to generate a higher volume of new business leads. At the same time, Google released the second version of their Payday Loan Algorithm, which would target unnatural back linking. Peachy had been significantly penalised in 2013 with the first version of this algorithm and had suffered two months of zero visibility as a result.

Branded terms were understandably strong but Peachy wanted to significantly increase traffic from non-branded, long-tail keywords, for which the site ranked weakly.

Peachy wanted to appoint an agency that understood the sensitive nature of their industry and had demonstrated the required technical expertise to safeguard the site from targeted algorithm updates.

The Solution

We focused on building a solid foundation for Peachy, based on the principles of sustainable and ethical SEO practices, working closely with Peachy to identify a number of relevant webmasters running trusted, third-party industry sites. The sites we identified as trustworthy were chosen based on a number of stringent criteria, including each site’s backlink profile, search results, domain authority and organic traffic levels.

We produced a series of high quality pieces of content which the audience of these sites would find useful, ensuring that every single link back to Peachy’s domain looked natural. Any links which did not appear natural were immediately disavowed in order to protect the integrity of the site.

The Results

By cultivating a new and ethical backlink profile for Peachy, we were able to protect the site from the algorithm update and, most importantly, the site’s exposure on Page 1 of has increased by 24%.

We have increased Peachy’s ranking positions for a huge number of highly competitive keywords, generating more than 300 extra Page 1 positions for the site. This includes the extremely competitive keyword target ‘instant loan’, which has risen from its original ranking (Page 2, Position 3) to Position 2 on Page 1.

Overall, Peachy have seen a 49% increase in the number of leads generated through organic traffic, year-on-year. To have achieved this in face of the only industry-specific algorithm in history is something we are incredibly proud to have achieved.

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Santa Fe Relocation Services
PPC campaign – Case Study

Santa Fe Relocation Services is a leading global mobility services company, helping companies relocate their staff and their offices abroad. With more than 120 years of experience operating across the globe, they have an unrivalled reputation within the international relocation industry.

We continue to be impressed with the high level of service we receive across all areas of our paid search campaigns. The team are always available to answer any queries and we’re happy to report that our ROI is improved considerably thanks to the work carried out by Absolute Digital Media.

PPC Campaign


The Brief

Santa Fe Relocation Services approached us to make their PPC advertising work harder, generating more leads at a cheaper acquisition cost. Recent changes to the way Google displays text ads had increased the costs of their paid search ads, reducing the number of leads generated by their advertising budget.

Santa Fe Relocation Services operates within a highly competitive market – the typical cost-per-click in the relocation industry is very high with half of their competition in PPC coming from price comparison sites.

The Solution

Initially we conducted an in-depth analysis of the state of paid search advertising, identifying the top-performing keywords in the international relocation industry. We undertook an extensive review of their existing campaign to look for areas of potential improvement.

It was clear that the campaigns needed to be properly segmented, targeting specific destination countries that have proven popular with British expats. The campaigns were focused around a wide variety of long tail keyword phrases, using an exact match basis. Our in-house design team created dedicated landing pages for each of the destination countries to provide greater relevancy for the ads. This led to improved Quality Scores which, in-turn, decreased the cost-per-click across the account.

We integrated the PPC campaigns Santa Fe Relocation Services CRM system to provide the company with the opportunity to track the effectiveness of the campaigns throughout the entire sales acquisition process. By implementing Call Tracking, we were able to accurately track leads generated by telephone.

We continue to run A/B tests on both the ad copy and the landing pages we have created, which allows us to constantly refine and improve the campaign. The new country-specific pages have been very successful – their more relevant content has led to significant increases in conversion to enquiry.

We made adjustments for time of day, geographic location, audience demographics and, of course, bid values. By continuously analysing ad data, along with heat map data from users on the site, we were able to further optimise the campaign, ensuring the highest possible return on their advertising spend.

By implementing remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) and display remarketing campaigns, we were able to follow the campaigns’ target audiences across the web. This has proved highly successful in recapturing lost leads, and has helped to further improve the conversion rate across the account.

The Results

By restructuring all aspects the account and creating highly relevant landing pages, we were able to increase the Quality Scores across the account, decreasing the average cost-per-click by 12%. The combined effect of smarter keyword targeting and the improved content on the landing pages has led to an 87% increase in conversions.

As a result, lead volumes are up 150% year-on-year, with a decrease in acquisition cost of 36%.

We look forward to growing the account for Santa Fe Relocation Services, to drive even further return on investment.

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Veincentre Limited
SEO campaign – Case Study

Veincentre operate specialist medical centres, UK wide, for the treatment of varicose veins. They offer minimally invasive treatments without surgery, using modern methods of EVLA and EVLT.

We instructed Absolute Digital Media to maximise our SEO campaign a few years ago and they’ve done a fantastic job. They have proven to be professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of optimisation and we continue to see significant increases in traffic visiting our website. Our strong online presence is crucial to our business growth and so we set them clear goals which they enthusiastically work to deliver.

I appreciate their can-do attitude and the ability to speak to any member of the friendly team directly. They will always take the time to meet face to face and, if not immediately available, will call me back promptly. I look forward to working with them for the foreseeable future and would highly recommend the service they provide.

SEO Campaign


The Brief

Veincentre approached us because they wanted to gain more organic exposure on Google for a wide range of keyword terms. At the time, they could see competitors capturing more of the market share and wanted to compete with organisations like BUPA and The Circulation Foundation.

Additionally, they had plans to open up more treatment centres and wanted their online strategy to mirror their UK-wide growth plans, by gaining rankings for location based keyword phrases.

The Solution

Initially we carried out a full audit of the website to assess its SEO strengths. Whilst the site was, in the main, technically strong, we were able to make some small adjustments which helped to improve the performance of the site.

The site was already well-populated with keyword optimised content but our investigations revealed that the site was being held back by its back link structure.

The website’s back link structure was far weaker than its main competitors and this was responsible for the lack of strong keyword positions. In order to improve this, we set about researching a huge number of health-related websites which might provide an opportunity to get back links from. This pool of sites was then filtered down to a much smaller number which had premium SEO metrics. We then approached these sites with suitable content pieces and began generating high quality back links from authoritative, industry-relevant websites.

Very quickly, the site began to increase in ‘authority’ and we soon saw the number one keyword target ‘Varicose veins treatment’ move from Page 2 to Page 1 on

The Results

Veincentre have seen a dramatic improvement of organic traffic on the website, noting a 197% increase in organic visitors over a six month period. In addition, there was also an increase in organic goal completions, with this growing by 82% on average.

Veincentre have seen an increase in a wide range of keyword rankings, with their most important keyword term ‘Varicose Veins Treatment’ moving up to Position 2 on Page 1, in front of their main competitors, BUPA and The Circulation Foundation. On top of this, the generic term ‘Varicose Veins’ is now ranking at the top of Page 2 on, competing with the information sources on this topic.

After opening a new practice in Oxfordshire, Veincentre quickly achieved Top 3 ranking positions for a number of localised search terms for Oxford/Oxfordshire. The SEO campaign has produced excellent results in just a few months, with 181 positions ranking now in the top 2 pages, compared with just 92 positions in January.

We look forward to helping Veincentre Limited to continue increasing the value of their website to their business, generating high quality, new business leads.

Any questions?

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Imove International
SEO campaign – Case Study

Imove International are specialists in international removal, shipping and relocation. They provide a full range of overseas moving services, and ship from the UK to most destinations worldwide.

SEO Campaign

The Brief

Imove International approached us looking for an effective SEO campaign that will help to increase their organic exposure and ultimately their sales.

At the time they could see that more of their competitors were reaching some of the top positions, and they wanted to start positioning for a wide range of keywords related to ‘international removals’, in order to mirror their plans to grow the business.

The Solution

Initially, we carried out a technical SEO audit and a link audit to determine the strength of both the backlinks and the SEO on the site. From this, we discovered that
significant site-wide work needed to be done in order to improve the positioning of the site on Google SERPs.

We saw that the site ultimately was held back by its back link structure, and so we implemented a high quality outreach campaign in order to provide authoritative
backlinks to the site. We set about researching a number of relocation and travel related sites, and filtered these down into a small number which had premium SEO metrics. This allowed us to create high quality backlinks from industry-relevant websites.

In addition to this, we noticed that the lack of quality content and on page optimisation was also holding back the site from ranking in Google’s SERPs. We therefore created on page content which was keyword optimised, relevant and of high quality, and also carried out various on page optimisation processes to help improve this.


The Results

Within 3 months, Imove International has ranked at position 1 of page 1 for the keyword ‘international removals’. Other relevant keywords have also begun to move
up the ranks. As a result of this, Imove Internationals has seen a 30% increase in leads, and this is expected to continue. As we continue to implement the outreach campaign and SEO strategy, we hope to see Imove Internationals stagnating at the top of page 1.

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